Heritage Honey offers many varieties of honey. Whether you are looking for a light and sweet honey or a thick molasses like honey, we pack all types! We only produce all natural honey.

Our Business stands out from the rest by having 40 years in the Packing of Distinguished Local Nectars gathered from the Ventura County Area. Having this many years in the packing of this Agricultural product allows us to stand out from the rest.

It takes years of experience on the palette to have this distinction. Not all areas provide the highest quality of honey that Ventura County provides. Experience separates us from the rest. We enjoy watching the bees flourish and assist us in suppling the most important parts of our food supply. Keeping the bees healthy and producing the best honey is always our number one priority.

We take pride in our honey and we want you to be able to trust the source that you are getting it from. That’s why we go above and beyond when it comes to our customer service.

Whether you need help picking out the right honey or if you have a question about the management and healthy well being of our bees or the sustainability of our eco-system, just ask us.

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John McMahan
This store truly has the best beeswax candles on earth. They burn for a long time, and their natural scent is wonderful. World's better than any candle I've found online or elsewhere. Their honey is fantastic, flavorful and produced locally. Don't miss this shop!
Karen Fraser
Fabulous honey selection (amazed there are so many types and flavors of honey) with other honey and bee related items. A beautiful local family business I love to support.
Hollyn Heron
Excited about this honey!
Mauricio Burgos
My place for Honey
Jennifer Lopez
Fawkes Pendley
🐝Beeutiful service and yumtastic raspberry honey🐝
Ro Rey
Went in yesterday to buy some honey. Came home with honey sticks, honey candy, two honey bottles and royal jelly. Thanks to the great pricing. The customer service is sweet and the family running the place reminds me of my own. FyI: Those honey candies are addictive, don't say I didn't warn you.
Ryan Calderon
Cant get enough of the Avocado honey!!!
Michael N KATHLEEN Propst
Great place to get bee pollen and royal jelly for allergies.

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